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Senior Choir – Grade 4-7

The Senior Choir has begun, and includes 60 students from Grades Four through Seven led by teacher Whitney Walker. The last time there was Choir in our school was just before Covid, so we’re extremely pleased to be able to finally offer it once again, and get back to working with so many talented students. The Senior Choir will perform at this year’s Winter Concert on December 8th.

Senior Band –

Located at Salt Spring Elementary, Fulford Elementary, and Fernwood Elementary, the SSI band program has more than 100 grade 6/7 student musicians. The Elementary concert band program is designed to be a fully inclusive, in the time table program, allowing all students in grades 6/7 the opportunity to learn an instrument. Students gain a wealth of experience through ensemble rehearsals, and community performances through the year. We encourage new students to join at any point  in the year.

Led by Band Director, Brandon Bronson, our goal is to provide a space for students to express themselves in new mediums, find new identity, and create through music. 

Spirits Team – Grade 7

SSE is proud to offer a Spirit team for grade 7 students to explore new leadership skills by designing and implementing engaging programs and activities for their school community. Student leaders plan school spirit days, assist with special responsibilities such as office helpers, and recess helpers and other school helping initiatives. The spirit team meets weekly at lunch to plan and develop their initiatives with the support of teacher sponsor Mrs. Dearden and Cat Lightfoot.

Eco Club

Stay tuned for updates from our Eco Club.

Garden Program

Stay tuned for updates from our Garden program.

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