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How do I Join?

As a parent or guardian of an SSE student, you are already part of the group!

Involvement is as you like it, with no commitments. Simply showing up to have a listen once in a while is great. If you have a specific topic you’d like to talk about or a project you’d like to see happen at the school, this is a great vehicle to do it. We welcome ideas – you can get them on the agenda by writing to

If you’d like more involvement you can become a member of the PAC Board. 

Who is on the 2022/23 Board?

President Robin Jenkinson, Kari Spiers

Vice Presidents Keely Roscoe, Chantal Pentland

Secretary Kirsten (KO) Marshall, Ella VanGaya

Treasurer Tasha Kilpatrick 

When are Meetings?

PAC Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month after school in the outdoor classroom.

We do not at this time provide formal childcare, but we usually have snacks for the kids, and they are happy to play on the playground while we talk. Don’t let lack of childcare stop you from coming. Email if you think your child will need care and we will try to make it happen for the next meeting. 

What is happening now? 

An easy way to keep in the know is to follow the SSE PAC facebook group.

PAC meeting summaries are sent out in the school news:

2002.09.21 SSE PAC Meeting 1.pdf

2022.10.05 SSE PAC Meeting 2 .pdf

What kinds of things does PAC do? 

PAC is how parents can come together to contribute as part of the school community. We work with the school staff to improve the opportunities and programs at SSE. We also discuss any issues or concerns as they come up and work toward solutions. We fundraise for school activities, events and materials, and provide leadership for all kinds of innovative works to improve the school and what it can offer our kids. 

Although the last couple school years had its challenges for coming together, the PAC still achieved quite a lot! 

  • Some of the happenings were: 
  • Fundraising and building the outdoor learning Dome
  • Sponsored indigenous ceremony workshop
  • Created First Nations values paintings for the dome interior
  • Earth day plantings (video)
  • Donated and built picnic tables
  • Bike to school week
  • Installed new bike rack and shelter
  • Garden Club Activities (hatching, harvesting, canoe herb garden etc..)
  • Local Farm to School connections and harvest baskets
  • Fun Day and Field Day Support
  • Teacher Appreciation Last day Luncheon
  • Outdoor large scale Mural (in process for completion this year!)

How can I contribute to my school PAC? 

There are so many ways to be involved with your child’s school that will work with your life!

  • If you have time, come to a meeting! (first Monday of the month after school!)
  • If you don’t have THAT much time, be on our volunteer email list.
    When a project is happening we will send this list requests for one-off items. (i.e. pick up popsicles, design an event flyer, take photographs, help harvest in the garden, move some supplies, make a particular fundraising or grant request, etc.) You simply reply to any item that you are keen to help with.
  • If you have no time, you can donate funds!
    We often have requests from teachers for additional funding for a special event, project or field trip. We are always fundraising, and we achieve a lot with every dollar we receive. You can donate to the general fund or tag your donation to a specific project of your choice!
  • If you have no time or money, maybe you have some resources?
    We always can use outdoor equipment, craft supplies, gardening tools, and more. If you have something to give that you think might be good for the school, let us know at
  • If you have no time, money or resources
    We hear ya. 😉 You just keep on being a great parent.

Contact PAC at:

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