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Principal's Year End Message


Dear SSE Families,

As the end of another dynamic year draws to a close, I want to take a moment to express my deep gratitude to this remarkable school community. The year has been filled with growth, learning, fun, challenges and countless memories.

Congratulations to our wonderful SSE students, you have shown enthusiasm, creativity and tenacity. Your energy and curiosity have been inspiring. You have overcome obstacles, gained new skills, made new friends and shown kindness to others. Your accomplishments, both big and small, have filled us with pride.

To our amazing parents and guardians, thank you for trusting us with your beautiful children. It is truly an honour. Your involvement, support and encouragement, makes a huge difference to our students and staff. 

I would also like to extend my appreciation to our talented staff. Your deep commitment to creating warm and engaging learning environments is laudable. Your care, creativity and tireless efforts have helped shape our students into confident and capable learners.

The end of each year brings a time to say goodbye as some students and staff move on to new adventures.

First of all, it is with a little sadness and huge pride that we celebrate the grade 7 graduating class of 2023. They are an incredible group of students who will absolutely excel in high school. Lucky GISS!

Also it is with sadness and huge appreciation that we say goodbye to the following staff members:

  • Miss Sylvia who is retiring as a full-time teacher.  Sylvia, you have given your huge heart to your bear cubs. You have left your love of reading and singing to countless children over the years. Enjoy this next chapter
  • Ardice who is retiring as an EA to focus on her reading tutorship. Your warmth, wit and wisdom will be missed!
  • Sue-Ann and Rhea who will be moving to Fernwood 
  • and Miss Wall who will be joining the GISS staff.....your new schools are lucky to get you!

We also have new staff members joining our school next year. Joan Verhaeghe and Katie Brown, who both work at Phoenix, will be joining our teaching staff. Gabby Budden, who works at Fulford, and Emma Binstead, who is new to our district, will be joining our staff as EAs next year.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer and looking forward to seeing many of you again in the Fall.

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